Friday, December 24, 2010

Understanding "Stand up for Dharma"

1. Is Stand up for Dharma driven by vested interests?

Protecting hindu Dharma or sanathana Dharma is the interest.

2. Who is funding you?

Thanks for asking the question. The irony is while so many have been saved from losing their live savings, their careers, their children, their spouses, and while many have donated thousands in the past, not even 1% has come forward to support us, as on now. We are on our own. It is our humble service towards our fellow travelers, countless innocents who may commit the same mistake as we did a few years ago.

3. Is Lenin a Christian?

Lenin is a Hindu, from an orthodox and deeply religious background. His fore fathers have been Dharmakarthas (trustees) of their village temple. He has been named so by his father, in admiration of his favorite communist leader . Ironically he has been named as “Dharmananda” by none other than Nithyananda

a) How authentic is his information regarding Nithyananda or Ashram?

He was an inner circle member for 4 yrs (when most of  the crutial growth of Nithyananda's mission took place), until he came left in 2010. \while he was a brahmachari of the ashram, he was holding the demanding post of Galleria incharge and also the position of Nithyananda’s personal driver (which required him to drive Nithyananda around the country for almost 1200 hrs covering about 48000 km working over the years).  he rendered nearly 18- 20 hrs a day a service to his then Guru and mission with great reverence!

b) “The rumor goes that powerful non-hindu forces are out for religious persecution!”- Ashram. Comments?

Fighting Adharma with only Truth as the supreme weapon is happening now. As on now we who have come out of the slavery have neither the money power nor the religious cover (that Nithyananda is using) and as such we are the ones under relentless persecution of Nithy (and sadly by our erstwhile friends still trapped and on the other side)

c) Vested interest is at play?

 The only  interest is to safeguard innocent people from getting brainwashed by Nithy and his destructive cult and to safeguard Hindu Dharma. Give it any name you want.

4.When there are many erring Gurus, why do you specifically focus on Nithyananda?

We admit that our current focus is Nithyananda. We can authentically talk about only  what we know based on our experience over  4 – 8 yrs, proximity to Nithya (as ashramites, senior acharyas, organizers) in the past  with concern for fellow humans.

5 Do you have majority support?

Yes, but currently it is a silent majority.

6. Is their silence purchased/forced and if so how?

Yes, it is forced by Fear (physical, emotional, legal action threats) and by Greed.
And classic Indian attitude of indifference can also be added! Unfortunately, but understandably many ex-followers have felt they have been duped and victimized enough, so now they want to get on with their lives, catch up with the precious years they have lost, while thanking their stars for having been saved and being free again!

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  1. We are there to support any cult frauds !